N°4 lite RAW photochromic

The new RAW cycling glasses. Undyed with a large field of vision.


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– Weight: 25 g
– Material: 3D printed polyamide, RAW (undyed)
– Screwless click-in hinge
– Individually adjustable temples
– Delivered with hard case and soft pouch


Small fit
– For a rather narrow head shape
– Frame width: 136mm
– Temple length: 115mm

Standard fit
– For a standard to rather wide head shape
– Frame width: 144mm
– Temple length: 115mm

Small fit
– For a rather narrow head shape
– Frame width: 136mm
– Temple length: 115mm

Standard fit
– For a standard to rather wide head shape
– Frame width: 144mm
– Temple length: 115mm

Small fit
– For a rather narrow head shape
– Frame width: 136mm
– Temple length: 115mm

Standard fit
– For a standard to rather wide head shape
– Frame width: 144mm
– Temple length: 115mm


– Self-tinting lens from category 1 to 3
– 100 % UV- and high glare protection
– High contrast and true colour vision
– Suitable for all weather and lighting conditions
– Suitable for cycling at night
– Hydrophobic and dirt-repellent coating
– Anti-reflective coating on the backside
– Light, durable, and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses


100 % engineered, designed, and manufactured in Switzerland.

Made in Northern Italy, fitted in Germany

Eyewear case
100% developed, designed and manufactured in Switzerland

Eyewear bag
Made from 100% recycled PET


Guaranteed wearing comfort with 30-day return policy.

We promise the highest wearing comfort. If you are not satisfied with your glasses, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund. Please note that we can only provide a full refund if the product is undamaged and doesn’t show any signs of usage.


Within Switzerland
Free delivery within 3-4 working days.

Within EU
Free delivery within 4-8 working days. Please note that additional charges for customs duties may apply.

We want to create awareness about transportation, promote sustainable consumption and avoid orders without real intention. For this reason, we do not cover the shipping cost of returns.

We use our shipping boxes multiple times. If your packaging shows signs of use, it’s for the environmental interest.


Print. Wear. Shred. Repeat. ILEVE DISTRICT embraces circularity – setting new standards in the sports industry. We take back our old and used cycling glasses, giving the material a second life. This is made possible by the minimalist product design and the patented click-in hinge, allowing the frames to be easily disassembled. With RAW, we take our responsibility and lay the foundation for a sustainable eyewear manufacturing with our undyed sports glasses collection.


The lenses are developed to provide a high-contrast visual experience in a wide range of weather and light conditions. The material is highly durable and impact resistant. The lenses increase depth perception to see more detail: whether bumps on the road and trails or the beautiful surroundings you’re cycling in.


Our frames are the result of years of research and development, with one primary goal: to provide you with the best possible cycling experience. We’ve analysed facial data, collected feedback from fearless testers on countless rides, and made continuous improvements to our design. Our screwless click-in technology ensures maximum stability, while the ergonomic nose section features a smart design for added comfort. Our frames are made from lightweight 3D printed material that is highly flexible, resistant, and individually adjustable to fit your unique needs. Combined with high-quality lenses, our cycling glasses offer reliable eye protection, a secure grip, and high-contrast vision.


One front, two temples, four pins – this is the essence of our design. We want to provide understandable designs while maintaining the highest level of comfort for our wearers. Our glasses are built to last, with minimalist designs made from high-quality materials that provide a unique matte finish and a pleasant haptic structure. We know that eyewear is an important part of your cycling experience, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating glasses that combine style and durability.


By utilizing 3D printing technology, we can take advantage of one of the most advanced manufacturing processes available. Weighing in at just 26 grams, our glasses are among the lightest on the market. The formable temples allow for individual adaptation to the shape of your head to guarantee maximum wearing comfort. Our glasses are also extremely robust and resistant to breakage and splintering. They are designed to handle external impacts with ease, ensuring durability and longevity.


ILEVE DISTRICT is 100 % Swiss, out of conviction. Our frames are fully developed, designed, and manufactured in Switzerland. Latest 3D printing technology helps to make it possible. Our frames are extremely light, flexible, and highly durable, due to this innovative manufacturing process. We take great pride in our Swiss origin, which is known for the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We are committed to Switzerland as a manufacturing nation. This creates jobs, shortens transportation routes, saves resources, and helps protect the environment.

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