With customer feedback from prototype to cycling glasses N°1

Part two of our designer and developer talk! This time we asked Simon how to develop and optimise sports glasses by continuously gathering customer feedback. Learn in the interview below what he particularly appreciates about customer feedback and what our cycling glasses have in common with an Apple device.

Simon, you launched your frame N°1 last November.

That’s right. The idea for Swiss made sports eyewear came up about a year ago in a bar in Bern: we had a beer in our hands and the vision of the first Swiss engineered and Swiss manufactured cycling glasses in our heads. We spent almost a year developing, designing and testing. In autumn it was time to ride out of the slipstream – and to find out whether we would face a headwind or a tailwind with our cycling glasses. A decision we do not regret.

What are the first customer feedbacks like?

That our glasses fit tightly and don’t slip. That’s even more important in winter when a cap or headband are worn under the helmet. The light weight and the high-contrast lens are also noticed positively. The design and the matt surface structure differentiate us from conventional sports glasses. And we are really happy with Oli’s compliment on the click-in hinge: he said that clicking the temples in and out reminds him of using an Apple device.

«We were especially excited about Oli’s feedback. He said that clicking the hinge in and out reminds him of using an Apple device.»

That must be music to the ears of a product developer?

Of course, we are very pleased with this feedback. It shows how we have continually developed over the last few months – from prototypes to our model N°1. From the very beginning, we have been closely working together with our test crew: we have developed, tested and optimised. For example, the grip of the first prototype was not optimal yet. Eli took the glasses off on descents in fear of losing them. Today, the glasses stay on the face – even on steep descents.

«Cycling glasses should not slip – not even when sweating.» Ruedi's demands on cycling glasses.
«Much better grip. Much better fit than the first prototype.» Eli's feedback on the second prototype.

Isn’t it challenging when too many different opinions come together in product development?

That’s exactly what developing a new product is all about: We had many conversations to find out what our target group’s needs are and what they expect from cycling glasses. Even before the first designs were drawn in CAD, we interviewed our target group. Thereby we learned three things. First, cyclists like clean designs and subtle colours. All the gaudy designs that were in a few years ago are gone. Jeff even told us that he had painted over the neon green logo of a well-known eyewear brand with dark car paint.


Cyclists pay attention to functionality and quality. On the racing bike, sports glasses should fit well and tight. Not only on the face, but also in the helmet. In addition, the glasses should be robust and durable. These are all requirements that we have taken into account in developing our cycling glasses.

«Short transportation routes and partnership-based supplier relationships make up for the extra expense of building up local producers.»

And thirdly?

Thirdly – and this is something we are particularly excited about – our target group attaches great importance to a regional and sustainable product. These statements confirm our decision to manufacture locally in Switzerland, even if this means extra work. Because we are building up our Swiss producers from scratch. However, partnership-based supplier relationships, short transport routes and a quality product far from mass production make up for this investment.

You have been on the market for about four months now. Is there also critical feedback on your frame N°1?

Of the more than 80 glasses sold in the last four months, 3 came back: one because of the surface structure, one because of the nose section and one because it sits too close to the forehead. This feedback motivates us to constantly develop our glasses further. We have already implemented the first optimisations.

«Constructive feedback motivates us to constantly develop our glasses forward.»

What’s currently keeping you busy?

We are preparing the market launch of our model N°1. The limited edition was just a sneak preview. And the model N°2 is already in the pipeline. We will constantly expand our product portfolio. And we will soon announce our first collaborations with a Swiss cycling brand. So, there are exciting times ahead.

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